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Road Wrap Paint Protection Film RW1458

Road Wrap Paint Protection Film RW1458



Brand: Budge

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Road Wrap Paint Protection Film really works and is a must for any towing or road trip. Keep your vehicle clean and chip-free the next time you tow. Road Wrap® Paint Film is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to protect your vehicle from bugs, road grime, tar, tree sap and rock chips. The easy to install disposable film can be left on for up to seven days and removed cleanly. There are 2 rolls of road wrap film included in the kit - one roll of 6" x 50' and one roll of 12" x 50', one cutter and one squeegee. cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats and motorcycles.  Made in the USA.

Your car is subjected to considerable wear and tear every time you take it out on the road. As you drive, gravel, dirt, and other materials are kicked up onto your vehicle where they can easily cause damage to your paint job. You want to keep your car safe from these threats, but you don't want to keep it sequestered in a garage either. Installing a protective barrier such as a road wrap can solve the problem and give you both the freedom and peace of mind you seek.

Keep Your Car Safe on the Road

Many people mistakenly assume that installing a car wrap or bra is a complex or difficult process. On the contrary, these protective barriers are simple and easy to use. A temporary paint protection film can be applied directly to your car's finish and provide a subtle protection that is nearly invisible. Your car is shielded from debris, but you can still show it off with this option. A temporary car wrapis resistant to chemicals and acid as well as bugs, sand, dust and other debris commonly encountered on the road.

Enjoy Premium Grade Protection

How does paint protection tape work to shield your car from damage—and what makes it better than other options that claim to do the same? Road wrap paint protection is an attractive choice because, unlike bras and other protective coverings, it is invisible. This type of covering was originally developed by the military to protect vehicles facing combat, so you know its durability is fit for your car. With custom-made construction, you can also be sure a wrap is fitted perfectly to provided idea protection at all times. Your car is precious, and nothing would be worse than seeing its shine dulled by preventable damage. Invest in a wrap that will keep such harm at bay and maintain your vehicle's appeal.