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American Retro Coca-Cola Refrigerated Cooler

American Retro Coca-Cola Refrigerated Cooler



Brand: American Retro

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Open up this replica Westinghouse Junior Coke Machine Cooler and you'll be coolly blasted back to the 1930s, when wandering into the local Mom & Pop store for a pop was a midday luxury. The deep box cooler doesn't have a bottle or coin mechanism, so there is plenty of room to stock icy beverages (up to 80 cans!) in the all-metal constructed box. This Coca-Cola box cooler is just like the original, down to the beautifully embossed logo on all sides and under the lid, size, easy moving wheels and a bottle opener on the outside. Aluminum tank with foam insulation and pressed steel body finished with chip- and rust-resistant powder coating. 35.25" H x 25.25" W x 17.75" D. Weighs 100lbs.