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RaceDeck Diamond Plate Tread Garage Flooring Tile 12" x 12"

RaceDeck Diamond Plate Tread Garage Flooring Tile 12" x 12"

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RaceDeck® is the original maker of the Diamond Tread Garage Floor System, and one of the most popular garage flooring styles worldwide. RaceDeck® Diamond Tread Floor Tiles are automotive inspired with a diamond tread pattern that provides the perfect accent for your garage, workplace or showcase. Once in place the interlocking tiles simply snap together to create a look seamless from module to module, with a multi-patented “Step-N-Snap” design that makes for no tools, no glues and no toxic fumes. RaceDeck® Diamond Tiles are fully channeled to allow air and moisture to escape. Easy to clean surface, resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals. Easily supports tool chests. 4-post lifts, and vehicle rolling loads of over 80,000lbs. Each tile measures 12” and is available in your choice of 10 colors; White, Black, Red, Light Grey(Alloy), Dark Grey(Graphite), Orange, Royal Blue, Beige, Purple, Yellow. Made in the USA.

Each tile measures 12" x 12" x 1/2" (304.8 mm x 304.8 mm x 12.7 mm)

The Key Benefits of RaceDeck Diamond:
  • High-End Style – Provides polished and professional look with a showroom finish without paint or decals
  • Modular Design – Engineered to create a custom garage floor at virtually any size
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface – Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals
  • Patented PowerLock Technology – Flooring modules lock in place and stay engaged  
  • High Performance Patented Diamond Substructure – Supports rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds while allowing air and moisture to escape 
  • Available with TuffShield – Super strong high gloss finish 
  • Compatible With All RaceDeck Garage Flooring – Mix and match styles for a truly original, custom garage floor
  • Made in the USA – Flooring garages worldwide
  • Easy Installation – Update your garage floor in hours, not days