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Race Ramps Truck & Trailer Step - 24" RR-TR-SP-24

Race Ramps Truck & Trailer Step - 24" RR-TR-SP-24



Brand: Race Ramps

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The Race Ramps Trailer Step is ideal for use as a free standing trailer step, or around the shop to give you the added boost you need to get under the hood! Great for reaching the top of trailers when washing and detailing and doubles as a sturdy bench when servicing your car. Race Ramps Trailer Steps feature a non-slip coating on all sides, weighs only 10lbs, and includes a strap on each side for easy carrying or convenient storage. All Race Ramp products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

The Advantages:
* Special construction — won't scratch or mark your floors!
* Lightweight — easy to carry and maneuver
* Solid core — no holes or hollows for your favorite spider to live in!
* Unscootable! Won't slip or slide, no matter the surface

The Specs:
* 24" Long, 16" Wide, 11" Tall
* Lightweight - only 10lbs!
* Straps built in on each side for easy carrying
* Highly durable, virtually indestructible, and very stable