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Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover 00070US

Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover 00070US

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Quixx High Performance Paint Scratch Remover Remove Scratches From All Paint Finishes

The Quixx high performance paint scratch removing system is the only product that completely removes scratches from all paint finishes. Engineered and produced in Germany, this unique system features a Plastic deformation process to safely and effectively remove scratches, and repairs the scratch rather than just covering it up. Quixx paint scratch repair kitincludes; Polish (25 gram tube), Finish (25 gram tube), 2 polishing cloths and 4 strips of special sand paper.

Consumer Reports has just completed a test of scratch removers on the market today featured in the September issue of Consumer Reports magazine. QUIXX not only won the category dramatically, but Consumer Reports went so far as to say that QUIXX was the only scratch remover able to remove scratches deep enough to feel with your fingernail. QUIXX Scratch Remover was rated EXCELLENT (a 90 test score) with the next closest competitor rated a disappointing 76. Consumer Reports also mentioned that some of the competing brands caused the paint to haze. The magazine is not on newsstands yet, but subscribers are just receiving their copies, and QUIXX has been getting calls all day looking for places to purchase QUIXX. Many of you are already carrying the QUIXX brand and others are in the review process for the near future to add the product to your product mixes. I hope that this new information does help in your final decision as to which scratch remover is most effective and least likely to cause your customer to feel their purchase was not a wise one.