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Quick Cover Temporary Disposable Plastic Car Cover

Quick Cover Temporary Disposable Plastic Car Cover

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Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Quick Cover Temporary Disposable Plastic Car Cover

A Quick Cover™ Disposable Plastic Car Cover with elastic band at the bottom is a cost effective and convenient way to provide temporary protection for your vehicle. Easy to use, a Quick Cover™ temporary car cover is a fast car cover that protects your vehicle in less than one minute! Simply measure your car from bumper to bumper plus four feet to determine the size you need. Made from 1mil. thick soft transparent plastic with an elastic band around the entire bottom to keep the car cover securely in place. Great for temporary protection in the garage, workshop & more! One Quick Cover car cover protects furniture during remodeling and painting projects. A Quick Cover™ plastic car cover is not to be left on vehicles during temperatures over 90-degrees, and not to be used on vehicles painted less than 30 days.

  • Quick & easy vehicle protection
  • Protects from rain, dust, workshop shavings, paint overspray, animal droppings & more
  • Has elastic band on the bottom to keep the cover secure
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Easy to store - rolls up small, about the size of a football at most
  • Great for rushed protection such as rain at a car event
  • May be reused mutliple times


  • CCCS:  21.32' Length x 11.4' H+W
  • CCCM:  21.65' Length x 12.46' H+W
  • CCCL:  24' Length x 15.74' H+W