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Accutire Heavy Duty Programmable Digital Tire Gauge MS5515B

Accutire Heavy Duty Programmable Digital Tire Gauge MS5515B



Brand: Accutire

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The Accutire digital tire gauge helps to maintain proper tire pressure to provide better fuel economy, improved handling and safety, and prolonged tire life. With our Programmable style tire gauges you just set it once and it stores the correct front and rear pressures. Features bright LCD display that reads out 5-99PSI in half pound increments and “beeps” once the correct pressure has been reached. Metal storage case included. Our Heavy-Duty Digital truck gauge features a flexible metal compression hose for those hard-to-reach places, and dual foot with extender for reaching inside the tire. Bleed button easily removes air from the tire reading updates as the pressure changes, while extra-large, easy to read LCD display reads out 5-150PSI in half pound increments. Replaceable battery and storage bag included.