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Premium 4-Layer Universal Fit Truck Covers

Premium 4-Layer Universal Fit Truck Covers

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Premium 4-Layer Universal Fit Truck Covers

Protect your truck from any weather element with our premium 4-Layer Deluxe Truck Cover. The proven design of this durable, universal-fit truck cover starts with a treated PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) top layer followed by a breathable second layer and waterproof non-woven poly cotton material. The extra-thick, soft material features a cotton inner layer that acts as a safe, gentle barrier to protect your truck's paint from nicks scratches. This unique, protective cover is water repellent and UV resistant, and the breathable material keeps wet weather out while releasing inside moisture and condensation. The Premium 4-Layer Deluxe Truck Cover comes with a handy storage bag, built-in plastic grommets, and elastic bottom hems with double-stitching for a snug fit. Available in seven sizes to fit most trucks. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Breathable
  • 100% UV sun resistant
  • 99% water resistant
  • 4 layers - for dust, moisture and then a soft inner cotton lining 
  • Helps prevent scratches and dings
  • Includes a FREE durable soft truck cover storage bag 
  • Elasticized bottom hems with double stitching for a snug fit
  • Built-in durable plastic grommets for a cable and lock device (device sold separately)
  • Soft cotton inner layer protects against scratches and is gentle to fine paint surfaces
  • 1 year warranty  


TC443: Truck Cover Deluxe Fits: Regular Cab: Maximum Bed Length=90”. Fits Trucks up to 208”L x 70”W x 65”H

TC444: Truck Cover Deluxe Fits: EX/Crewcab. Maximum Bed Length=84”. Fits Trucks up to 232”L x 75”W x 65”H

TC445: Truck Cover Deluxe Fits: F/S Regular Cab: Maximum Bed Length=96”. Fits Trucks up to 230”L x 75”W x 65”H

TC446: Truck Cover Deluxe Fits: F/S Extended Cab: Maximum Bed Length=96”. Fits Trucks up to 250”L x 80”W x 65”H

TC447: Truck Cover Deluxe Fits: F/S Crewcab. Maximum Bed Length=96”. Fits Trucks up to 264”L x 80”W x 65”H


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Prop 65 Warning California Residents
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm(storage bag) -




How to Clean & Care for your California Car Cover Universal Car Cover.

  • Place the cover in a commercial washer (smaller covers can be washed in a standard capacity home washer).
  • Top Loading Machines: Pour 1/4 cup of Simple Green all-purpose cleaner into the washing machine after it has been filled with cool to warm water.
  • Front Loading Machine: Pour cleaner directly into machine and then place cover inside.
  • Use a gentle cycle if possible and rinse twice to remove excess cleaner.
  • Air Dry.

Non-Washing Machine Option:

  • Place the California Car Cover on your vehicle inside out.
  • Mix Simple Green all-purpose cleaner with warm water. Spray or sponge cleaner onto the cover
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until suds are gone and allow to Air Dry on the vehicle or hang dry.