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Plushweave Cotton Flannel Motorcycle Covers

Plushweave Cotton Flannel Motorcycle Covers

Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Our Plushweave cotton motorcycle covers are made from the same material as our Plushweave Car Covers. We've taken our 100% cotton fabric and added a pure cotton flannel lining to create Plushweave, providing true paint-pampering luxury. Plushweave is an ultra dense material that does a superior job of cushioning against scratches and dings. Plushweave Motorcycle Covers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, protecting your finish from sun, dew, and pollutants. The special fabric construction is breathable, allowing the passage of air for quick drying and the reduction of heat, keeping your motorcycle cooler in hot weather. Tailor-made to fit your exact needs, your Plushweave motorcycle cover is guaranteed never to scratch your finish. Not recommended for use in direct sunlight. Made in the USA

Motorcycle Size Chart
Bike Style Size Fairing/Windshield Saddle Bags Backrest/Sissy Bar Travel Chest Part Number
Touring 1100cc and Up X100
Touring 500cc - 1000cc X101
Standard 500cc and Up With or Without Short X102
Standard 400cc and Up With or Without     X103
Standard to 750cc         X104
Sport Bikes to 1100cc       X105
Cruiser 1100cc to 1500cc X107
Cruiser 1100cc to 1500cc     X108
Sport Bikes 1100cc and Up       X109

How to Clean & Care for your California Car Cover Plushweave Motorcycle Cover.

  • Place the cover in a commercial washer (smaller covers can be washed in a standard capacity home washer).
  • Top Loading Machines: Pour 1/4 cup of Simple Green all-purpose cleaner into the washing machine after it has been filled with cool to warm water.
  • Front Loading Machine: Pour cleaner directly into machine and then place cover inside.
  • Use a gentle cycle if possible and rinse twice to remove excess cleaner.
  • Air Dry.

Non-Washing Machine Option:

  • Place the California Car Cover on your vehicle inside out.
  • Mix Simple Green all-purpose cleaner with warm water. Spray or sponge cleaner onto the cover
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until suds are gone and allow to Air Dry on the vehicle or hang dry.