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Camisasca PlateSafe Stainless Steel Locking License Plate Frame Kit

Camisasca PlateSafe Stainless Steel Locking License Plate Frame Kit

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This secure stainless steel license plate frame kit foils license plate thieves. Deter criminals by installing this complete system on your car today. It’s not just a plate protector doubling as a dealer advertisement; this system comes with plates, bolts and a see-through protective screen made to genuinely protect your registration sticker and license plate from both criminals and the elements. Security caps machined from stainless steel fit right over factory license plate screws. The plate cover itself is composed of 304-grade heavy gauge stainless steel and comes with a rustproof guarantee. With license plate theft becoming a more prevalent crime, this easy-to-install system keeps you secure. Car registration is expensive and registration stickers have become valuable — almost a form of currency on the black market. Thieves stand to gain from stealing your license plate and registration sticker and selling them to others who are not willing to go through legal channels. A locking license plate frame such as this comes with a polycarbonate shield that withstands impacts and protects your registration sticker from clever criminals. This kit is the best license plate frame on the market. It’s German-made and manufactured by one of the top license plate frame manufacturers that supply many of the OEM plate frames on the market today.

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Although it appears to be one piece of solid steel, the German-made piece cleverly unscrews in reverse-direction to reveal the screw heads (up to 1/2"). Registration tags are safe behind the 1/16" clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate shield treated with premium UV protectant to prevent yellowing or clouding. The plate kit is complete with a 304 grade, heavy gauge stainless steel slimline frame, DMV compliant in all 50 states and guaranteed not to rust or corrode. Two mounting hole style and locking tabs along the bottom secure the plate to the frame, snugly and safely. Available in a your choice of Brushed Silver, Polished Silver, and Satin-Black Powder Coated finishes. Comes with 4 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Available in satin-black powder coat, polished silver and brushed silver finishes
  • Manufacturer 4 year warranty
  • UV protective polycarbonate shield keeps plate and sticker from fading
  • 14 piece hardware kit sold separately
  • Compliant in every state in the United States

14 piece hardware kit includes:

  • Two: 12-24x3/4” screws
  • Two: 12-24 nylon insert locknut
  • Two: 12x1” screws
  • Two: M5x10MM screws
  • Two: M6x16MM cheesehead screws
  • Two: Flat washers
  • Two: Black nylon spacers