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PIAA Windshield Wiper Blades

PIAA Windshield Wiper Blades

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When the rain turns from a sprinkle to a downpour, make sure your windshield view is unobstructed by upgrading to PIAA windshield wipers. Old or substandard wiper blades smear water across your windshield making it difficult to see, they wear out quickly and they can even cause accidents. Replace your wipers with these top-tier blades in order to maximize safe driving and ensure clear visibility. PIAA wiper blades are made from super silicone, which coat your windshield with a silicone compound. This temporary surface helps to create beaded water droplets that are easily swept away. Liquid silicone coatings are a common way to simulate this effect, but they often leave a hazy sheen on the glass. Get a better effect by using silicone wiper blades manufactured by PIAA. At low vehicle speeds, the beaded water is simply wiped away with the wiper blade, while at high speeds the wind will move the water away from the center and off to the sides of the vehicle. PIAA wipers are also durable, with the silicone lasting far longer than their rubber counterparts. Plus, these wipers are great for your budget — they don’t need frequent replacement and when they do, silicone parts can be replaced with refills.

When it comes to keeping all the windows of your car see-through, a great complementary item is the windshield dry blade. This simple, compact blade can be used for side or rear windows and even on non-car items like shower doors, mirrors, and glass. The blade is also made of silicone so it’s great for applying a layer of protective coating to all of your vehicle’s windows.   

Use the microfiber drying towel as fantastic pairing to help keep your car dry and clean. This towel helps remove moisture from the car without leaving streaks on the paint or glass. Plus, it’s a great item for a car wash kit.  

  • Available in sizes for over 100 different types of cars
  • Blades are sold as individual items, not in pairs
  • Blades last twice as long as a typical windshield wiper
  • Silicone compound properties keep wipers quiet and promote water beading
  • Silicone parts are refillable with replacement parts

Improve visibility and make driving safer with these super-silicone PIAA wiper blades that make your windshield water repellent so rain beads up and glides off. Heat and ozone resistant, they are long-lasting and will not squeak or scratch. Choose from black or carbon models. Please note that the carbon-fiber blades are painted for appearance, not made of carbon-fiber. Blades are sold individually, not in pairs.

If your vehicle is not listed, please call 1-800-423-5525.

18" (450mm)
19" (475mm)
20" (500mm)
21" (525mm)
22" (550mm)