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PIAA 1100 LED Lights

PIAA 1100 LED Lights

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Stay ahead of the game with the smallest driving lamp around. Choose the PIAA 1100 lamp for your vehicle, and enjoy the innovation that only comes from PIAA. This highly efficient lamp is one of the most popular from PIAA. It uses 12-volts to offer 55 watt and 85 watt dichroic super white light. The stylish silver housing protects the lamp, while a chrome-plated aluminum ring gives you the signature style of a classic PIAA product. Choose the PIAA dichroic reflector halogen lamp for your vehicle today.

Dichroic reflectors are standard for halogen bulbs in a vehicle. This powerful light provides up to 66-percent less heat than a traditional bulb, making it a strong competitor of LED lamps. Check your headlights today, and see if you could use a brighter, more efficient lamp. Old lamps can be dull or dim. This is not only unpleasant to look at, but can be dangerous when driving at night. Treat your vehicle to premium replacement lamps, and choose a company that has years of excellent customer satisfaction. Replace your lamps and parts in the comfort of a well-stocked garage. Keep your PIAA 1100p lamp bright and clean with these headlight care products.

Use protectant sprays and wipes to prevent any build-up or stains on your headlights. Polish and buff your headlights to restore their transparent look. In just a few minutes, your headlights can look and function like new. If your headlights look dim, you may not have to replace the bulb. Simply clean the cover with this powerful and easy-to-use headlight products, and you’ll see as clear as the day you bought your vehicle. Choose these home & garage accessories for your entire car care routine. Lightweight and durable car dollies provide you with a convenient way to work on your vehicle, and fender covers are essential for taking a look under the hood without scratching your car’s paint. With the amount of time you spend in your car, it’s time to focus on some quality car care products.

  • Regular or upright models available
  • Halogen lamp
  • 12 volts
  • 55 to 85 watts
  • Super white light
  • Chrome-plated aluminium trim
  • Silver PPS housing

Compact design and new super white technology combined to make this the most versitle light available. Add $15 for upright models