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Park Smart Clean Park Garage Floor Mat

Park Smart Clean Park Garage Floor Mat

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Keep your garage floor clean and eliminate mud tracking into your home. Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mat catches every drop of mud, slush, and grime that falls off your vehicle. Keep your garage and home safe by preventing slips and falls. Heavy-duty vinyl and raised plastic edges hold gallons of liquid from spreading onto floor. Available for every garage size, starting at 14', up to the XXL at 20'. Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mats are made in the USA

Rocks and other sharp objects may puncture the Clean Park. To avoid punctures, regularly remove debris by sweeping with a soft bristle broom.

Cleaning Instructions:
Remove one or more of the end pieces closest to the garage door. Be careful not to puncture or cut the vinyl sheeting with the edge of the top piece as you pull it off. Sweep the Clean Park with a soft bristle broom. Hose off the Clean Park to push water towards the open area, off of the Clean Park. Only a mild dish soap may be used on the Clean Park. Do Not Use Solvents, Harsh Chemicals, Abrasive Cleaners or Bleach.

The Clean Park is slippery when wet.
Do not use snow chains or studded snow tires on the clean park without taking special precautions to protect the vinyl sheeting.
Do not turn frnt tires while vehicle is stationary on the clean park.

The durable 20 mil vinyl sheeting included in this kit has been specially formulated to withstand subzero temperatures and still remain flexible and will not crack. For shipping purposes the vinyl sheeting has been folded. After the Garage Mat has been assembled and in use, the folded areas will relax and flatten down.