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Defenderworx Officially Licensed Transformers Hitch Covers

Defenderworx Officially Licensed Transformers Hitch Covers

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Your trailer hitch helps you out a lot in your day to day life. Whether it’s hauling a trailer, a boat or ATV or simply sporting an extra storage rack or easy-access hitch step, it assists you with getting from place to place with all of your most important belongings in tow. However, that doesn’t mean it’s in use 24/7, and when you’re not hooked up, your hitch can likely be an eyesore on your otherwise flawless ride. Using a Transformers trailer hitch cover between towing trips gives your vehicle a bit of extra flair, so you can really stand out between destinations and show off your devotion to the film and comic franchise you’ve come to love.

This is the perfect piece for any long-time or new fan of the Transformers franchise. It allows them to show off their passion in a fun yet discreet and stylish way wherever the road ahead happens to take them. The Transformers hitch cover comes in either Autobot or Decepticon models so drivers can enjoy top-notch style regardless of where their allegiances lie.

The autobot hitch cover is designed to fit securely on any standard 2” hitch receiver, making installation straightforward and easy for even the newest mechanic. Furthermore, it’s made from T-6061 billeted aluminum plate, a material which is proven to stand up to the most common demands of the road with ease. The aluminum is coated in chrome and polished to a bright, eye-catching shine, ensuring your little addition will never fail to stand out. 

Of course, much like using universal car covers for storage, utilizing a trailer hitch cover on your ride when you’re not towing has more benefits than purely aesthetic ones. By plugging up the hole left by the absence of a hitch hookup, these covers prevent mud, rocks and other road debris from clogging up the space, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning it out and more time towing in the future. It also promotes a stronger resistance against rust over time.

  • Fits a standard 2” hitch receiver
  • Made of T-6061 billeted aluminum plate
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Choose between Autobot and Decepticon designs

Great for customizing and dressing up your hitch receiver when not in use. Constructed from quality T-6061 billet aluminum chromed plated and polished to a brilliant luster, engraved with the Decpeticon and Autobot logos. Designed to fit all standard 2” hitch receivers.

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