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Mr. Horsepower Clay Smith Cams License Plate

Mr. Horsepower Clay Smith Cams License Plate

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Brand: Clay Smith Cams Mr. Horsepower

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Embellish your favorite ride with the mark of a legend in hot rod history, thanks to this authentic Clay Smith license plate. A stylish new vanity plate, frame or holder can go a long way in lending a new look to your vehicle without needing a lengthy, permanent makeover - or it can accent a custom paint job or body work on your car. This plate displays the vintage style of Clay Smith Cams, including the company’s mascot character, Mr. Horsepower; immediately recognizable to other muscle car fans, Mr. Horsepower symbolizes the passion and determination of hot rod aficionados and the manufacturers - like Clay Smith Cams - that deliver the high-quality parts they need.

The hand-painted look of this Mr. Horsepower license plate is preserved by the plate’s high-quality materials and finish, rendering it sturdy and resistant to corrosion and the elements. This makes it fit to show off on your hot rod in one-plate states, as well as hung up in your garage or rec-room. The plate is also easy to mount on most typical license plate holders, using conventional mounting screws, and a license plate frame adds stability and style on top.

If you’re buying this plate for a friend, family member or loved one, consider the gift wrap option as well to make it easier to get your gift ready in time for the occasion. Also, check out the rest of our stock at California Car Cover for more gift ideas - the gearhead in your life will appreciate new car care kits and tools to better tend to their prized hot rod. California Car Cover and Clay Smith Cams both know the importance of taking maintenance into your own hands, so that’s why you can turn to us for the best parts, gear and accessories.

  • Genuine vintage style from Clay Smith Cams
  • High-quality, weather-proof finishing
  • Optional gift-wrapping for friends or family
  • Item #: A101

The Mr. Horsepower "Genuine Clay Smith Cams" License Plate has a hand-painted, vintage look but with the benefits of modern finishing. High quality and weather-proof, the Mr. Horsepower "Genuine Clay Smith" License Plate is perfect for show cars, or dcoration in your home or garage.