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MouseBlocker Pro Plug-In Anti-Rodent Vehicle Protection System 95731

MouseBlocker Pro Plug-In Anti-Rodent Vehicle Protection System 95731

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MouseBlocker Pro Plug-In Anti-Rodent Vehicle Protection System Part# 95731

Protect your vehicle and equipment from the costly damage caused by mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents, with the MouseBlocker Pro. This unique device releases an ultrahigh frequency noise to deter rodents from nesting in your car, truck, RV, camper, storage shed, or garage.  The “Plug-In” MouseBlocker Pro operates from any 110V power outlet or extension cord and is recommended for long-term storage situations. Features 3-adjustable power settings, strobing LED lights that act as a deterrent, and a 30” power cord. Measures 7” x 6” x 3”.


  • 30″ Power Cord
  • 3 adjustable power settings
  • Low = 85db
  • Medium = 95db
  • High = 115db
  • Dual Strobing LED lights (can be turned on or off)

The MouseBlocker Plug In Pro Model is our recommendation for long term storage situations (longer than 2 weeks) where you want the most power and protection available.  This unit is trusted by 100’s of RV and Camper dealers throughout North America and installs very easy. This “Plug-In” MouseBlocker PRO Model can easily be installed virtually anywhere now. Plugs in to any 110v power outlet or extension cord. Works great when protecting items that do not have a 12V battery but power is nearby like:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • RV’s
  • Campers
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Tractors

This is the perfect solution and can be placed anywhere there is 110V power without having to worry about it drawing on your 12V battery.

Still has 3 Powerful settings

  1. Off
  2. Low = 85 decibels
  3. Medium = 95 decibels
  4. High = 115 decibels

And Dual Strobing LED lights that act as an added deterrent.

Note: has a switch for turning the strobing lights on and off for situations where they would not be needed.

EPA Est. Number 94761-CHN-1

Operating Instructions

WARNING: This unit is LOUD , at least 15 times louder than any other unit on the market today and more than 100 times louder than the little plug in units the department stores sell (trust us we tested them all) and on the highest settings most humans can hear the sounds emitted as will some household pets like cats and dogs. The sounds WILL NOT harm them in any way you will just notice the animals will leave the area the unit is located and if under the hood of your vehicle the sounds for the most part will be contained to the engine compartment anyways.


Can I use the MouseBlocker Plug_in unit to protect a garage?

The answer is yes.

We do have some recommendations for the best results however.  The MouseBlocker units emit very powerful sounds and vibrations and circulate well in a garage environment however the sounds will not penetrate a vehicle.  What that means is the garage will be protected but inside the vehicle will remain quiet.  We like the method of placing the Mouse Blocker unit in the engine compartment of the vehicles in the garage making the vehicle not a safe place.  With the vehicles protected, often the rodents just leave the garage all together.

If you choose to protect the garage we recommend place the Plug In PRO models in the corners of the space facing the middle and setting them on the floor.

2 car garage = 2 Plug In PRO

4 car garage = 4 Plug In PRO

Can people hear the MouseBlocker?

The Mouse Blocker products are very powerful, even at the lowest setting young adults will be able to pick up on the sounds and vibrations emitted.  At the higher levels most people will be able to hear the sounds emitted, to us it is a very high pitched sound.  Remember these sounds are isolated to the area where the unit is placed as the sounds will reflect off of walls and will not go through circulating and compounding protection.  Our experience is if the unit is so quiet that it cannot be heard, it will not be effective.

How do I adjust the different sound levels on the MouseBlocker Pro?

On the side of the MouseBlocker PRO unit is a small “mode” button.  This button is what you use to change to the different sound levels.

From the OFF position, press the mode button once to get to the first level (85dB) then again to get to the second level (10 times louder, 95 dB) then again for the third level (115dB or more than 100 times louder than level 1).  Press again for the OFF position.

How much area does the MouseBlocker unit cover?

The MouseBlocker units are designed to protect the space where they are located.  The units emit very powerful sounds and vibrations so depending on the space depends how the sounds will reflect.  If the unit is placed in an engine compartment you will find the sounds reflect and circulate around that space very well and very little of the sounds will come out.  If the unit is placed on a tractor or motorcycle in a shed you will find the sounds will start circulating around the shed as the bike or tractor will not contain the sounds.  This will allow the units to effectively protect more than one thing sharing that space.

What arethe flashing lights for on the MouseBlocker PRO?

The strobing LED lights on the MouseBlocker PRO are there to simulate movement.  If you picture the nice, safe, dark and warm engine compartment that now is loud with lights flickering you will find that you are making that area now uncomfortable.  The rodents will be too uneasy to stick around and will move on to find a “safer” place to nest.

The ultimate in vehicle protection!

The Mouse Blocker is a device releasing a proprietary ultrahigh frequency noise to deter mice from nesting in your automobile. Our Pro models also feature bright strobing LED lights. The Mouse Blocker is designed to be stable in this harsh environment of well below zero temperatures in Canada to the very hot under hood temperatures in Arizona.  

The Mouse Blocker units run exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery and draws only as much power as an LCD clock (Classic model .1 watts, PRO model .6 watts). This allows the Mouse Blocker Classic to run for months in a vehicle without draining the battery. The Mouse Blocker is perfect for all vehicles with a current rodent problem or to prevent problems. 

Use what the pros use!

The Mouse Blocker is trusted by hundreds of New Car Dealers, Independent Repair Shops and Auto Parts Retailers throughout North America. Our units work work great for protecting your new vehicle from mouse damage that is not covered by your new car warranty.

Use the Mouse Blocker in Campers and RV’s, Cars and Trucks, Motorcycles and Tractors, virtually anywhere with a 12V power supply or use or NEW Plug In PRO Model for long term storage and protection where 110v power is available.

The best way to use the Mouse Blocker is to place them in the engine compartment of the vehicle you are trying to protect.  Many will use one to protect a garage space or shed and we would use one per garage bay if that is the space you are trying to protect.  The best results come from direct protection.  Kick them out of the car, they will leave the garage.  Place one in the garage you may chase them into the car where it would be quiet.