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Cobra Mobile Navigation System GP3080

Cobra Mobile Navigation System GP3080

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Brand: Cobra

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This portable navigation system provides over two million points of interest including hotels, banks, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Automatic route navigation provides turn-by-turn voice guided directions to addresses and points of interest, and contains street maps of 48 states, with Hawaii and Canada all pre-loaded on the disc drive. Features a gyroscope that will maintain the signal in tunnels and underpasses where satellite signals are lost so you are never taken "off" the map. Large 5.2" color screen with LCD backlighting is easy to read, and includes dual 12V power plug and windshield universal mounting bracket.

Cobra Electronics Corporation warrants that its Cobra NAV ONE, and the component parts thereof, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of first consumer purchase.

Detailed Instructions and Warranty information are included with the navigation unit.

1. Plug in and go, no downloading software needed!

2. Automatic re-routing. If you get off course it puts you back on track.

3. Includes universal bracket, hard wire kit, dual socket and carrying case.

4. Comes with a coupon for a free second bracket custom-fit for your vehicle, a $59.99 value.

5. Voice command is available in English, French & Spanish.

6. Has an automatic night screen that changes to non-glare soft light when it turns dark.