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Microfiber Towel Cleaner Detergent

Microfiber Towel Cleaner Detergent

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Microfiber Towel Cleaner Detergent

Extend the life of your lush microfiber towels by using this restorative detergent, specially formulated to rejuvenate and completely cleanse microfiber towels of polishes, waxes, oils and chemicals. The superior absorption and powerful polishing efficiency of new microfiber returns when properly washed with Micro-Restore. The unique, degreasing detergent is a blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents and water softeners to remove all trapped chemicals from microfiber pores and make your towels as good as new. This microfiber towel detergent container includes built in measuring cup. Available in 32oz or generous 128oz size. Safe for high efficiency washers.