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Microfiber Glass & Window Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Glass & Window Cleaning Cloths

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Brand: California Car Duster Co.

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These fine microfiber glass cloths to do it all whether you need to dust, wax, dry or polish your automobile, look no further than our collection of versatile micro fiber towels

Advances in microfiber technology that provide a lint-free and streak-free shine for windows, mirrors, and glass. These super soft glass towels cut through film and dirt to provide a crystal clear finish, and may be used alone or with cleaning products. Each microfiber glass cloth measures 12" x 12".

Designed specially to clean glass —with or without the use of chemical cleaners— The Original California MicroFiber Glass Cleaning Cloth is a “must” for anyone who appreciates spotless, streak-free windshields and mirrors. Easily folds up for storage in glove compartment or console.

    Cuts Through Dirt And Road Film
    Use With Or Without Chemicals
    Lint-Free, Streak-Free Operation
    Wash And Re-Use Hundreds Of Times


Washing Instructions:

Microfiber towels can safely be cleaned and washed in your home washer and dryer. To clean, simply wash towels with our Micro Fiber Towel Detergent or mild laundry soap in warm water. For heavily soaked towels extra rinse or detergent may be required. The towels can be dried on regular heat in the dryer. Do not use fabric softener in either the washer or dryer as this may damage towels.