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Metro Vac N Blo Automotive Vacuum Cleaner Blower VNB83BA

Metro Vac N Blo Automotive Vacuum Cleaner Blower VNB83BA


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Brand: Metropolitan Vacuum

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This Metro Vac N Blo Automotive Vacuum has a powerful 4.0 peak HP motor which can suction away dirt and grime. As a blower it generates 200 MPH of force from its compact body and is great for cleaning truck beds, garages or blowing leaves. Includes 13 interchangable attachments and 12-foot power cord. Metro Vac N Blo Vacuum has a rugged steel frame and washable removable cloth vacuum bag which make this the ultimate garage accessory. An optional wheel kit is available, which includes a steel frame and strong plastic wheels.

Metro Vac N Blo Automotive Vacuum Features:
* On road or off Vac N Blo offers the versatility you need
* This twin fan 4 peak horsepower vacuum is the most powerful car vacuum ever tested
* It has an amazing 95" of water lift (the standard measure for a vacuums efficiency)
* Compact, powerful, portable, it's heavy-duty, lightweight, all steel body is only 17" long and 7" in diameter which makes it easy to handle
* Use it off road, too, as a vacuum for cleaning around the house or yard, or as a blower to inflate rafts, air mattresses or blow away leaves
* The Vac N Blo comes fully equipped with a wide range of attachments, so whether the job calls for power or precision, you'll have the right tool at hand
* A 6’ flexible hose plus two 20" extensions reach even the furthest corners
* Other attachments include: an upholstery tool, dust brush, crevice tool, blower nozzle, air mattress inflator, shoulder strap plus 4 "detailing" attachments to get into tiny spaces.
* Made in the USA