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Mechanix Wear Fabricator Thick Leather Gloves

Mechanix Wear Fabricator Thick Leather Gloves

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Brand: Mechanix Wear

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Mechanix Wear Fabricator Thick Leather Gloves are a must have for welding or metal fabrication. With heat resistant leather, reinforced palms and dual-layer knuckles bands, Mechanix Wear Fabricator gloves comfortably handles all the punishment you can dish out and then some! Some of the intended uses of these gloves are metal fabrication, MIG welding, TIG welding, heavy equipment operation, towing & transportation, securing cargo, and working on any flight deck.

1. Suede leather provides durable protection and heat resistance.
2. Dual-layer knuckle band provides added durability and protection.
3. Extended cuff protects the wrist.
4. Hook and loop closure provides a secure fit.
5. Genuine leather palm reinforcement panels provide added durability and protection.

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