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MAXSA Foldable Tire Traction Mat 20025

MAXSA Foldable Tire Traction Mat 20025

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Use a MAXSA Foldable Traction Mat and never get stuck again in snow, ice, sand or mud!

Features of the Wheel Traction Mat
• Traction mats prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning.
• Avoid shoveling, towing, or calling someone for help.
• Simply place the mats under your car's drive wheels and go!
• Break-resistant plastic resists cold down to -22°F (-30°C). Rust-resistant brass pins.
• Large 5.5 x 23 inch size is perfect for all passenger vehicles.
• Includes 2 traction mats.

90 Day Limited Warranty


1. Make sure vehicle is in "PARK" and apply emergency brake. Turn off vehicle.

2. Unfold each traction mat and place each mat under each drive wheel of vehicle. If vehicle is front wheel drive, place the two mats under the front tires. If vehicle is rear wheel drive, place the two mats under the rear tires. The smooth rounded edge marked "PLACE THIS SIDE UP" should be wedged as far as possible under the tire.

3. Start vehicle and drive slowly over the traction mats and onto firm ground.*

4. Park vehicle and apply emergency brake.

5. Retrieve traction mats and return them to storage.

* If tires continue to spin on traction mats, place vehicle in "PARK", apply emergency brake, and turn off vehicle. Clean off mats and reinstall under tires. Do not continue to apply gas if tires spin on traction mats.