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MAXSA Battery Powered Motion Activated LED Sconce

MAXSA Battery Powered Motion Activated LED Sconce

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MAXSA Innovations Battery Powered Motion Activated LED Wall Sconces are beautiful and classically designed pieces, looking as good in the daytime as they do at night, and they can be mounted anywhere. There's no need for an electrical outlet. The durable, weatherproof housing is accented by real glass panels and a mirrored rear reflector that increases the apparent brightness of the bulbs. The motion activated function helps to dissuade intruders on your property at night, while providing convenient lighting for you as well. Simply identify the perfect location to mount the light. Then, use the included hardware to attach the back cover to the chosen surface. Once the light is set up, a simple movement will activate the light, and 2 super-bright Surface Mount LEDs will turn night into day. The light will continue to stay on as long as there's motion. The long-life Surface Mount LEDs last for over 30,000 hours. Built for easy installation, unobtrusive size, and no maintenance, this sturdy wall sconce will be a beautiful addition to your home.