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Magic Creeper Low Clearance Creeper MC6028

Magic Creeper Low Clearance Creeper MC6028

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Brand: Magic Creeper

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With zero ground clearance, this wheel-less magic creeper takes the stress out of working in tight, low clearance, and hard to reach places. The unique tubular shape acts like a track, moving effortlessly for up to 5-feet, and the best part is your tools move with you. The multi-layer construction boasts a rugged outer layer designed for superior strength as well as water, oil and puncture resistance. The middle layer provides comfort, insulation, and protection from hard work surfaces; while the super-slick base layer acts like millions of tiny ball bearings allowing for effortless movement even on rough and uneven surfaces. Measures 60” x 28” and rolls up to a mere 29” x 5” for easy storage in your trunk or under the car seat.

Tough maintenance jobs call for the right tools and accessories. When you need to get under your vehicle, you need a creeper mat that gets you in and out of tight spaces, works on any surface, and lets you take your tools with you. Say hello to the Magic Creeper, a zero-clearance creeper that lets you effortlessly glide over floors and ground surfaces without wheels. Crafted with an exclusive multilayered construction and durable materials, this mat becomes your go-to accessory for any repair, upgrade, or maintenance task.

Ready for Any Job 

What’s not to love about this car creeper mat? It’s a slender, lightweight automotive creeper with an innovative wheel-free design, capable of around four to five feet of lengthwise travel and around two feet of side-to-side movement. The secret lies in its durable, multilayer construction that includes both a padded high-friction exterior paired with a low-friction interior. Paired together, these layers create an efficient surface for sliding over nearly any ground or floor type — concrete, grass, asphalt, mulch, gravel, dry ground, and much more. Not only that, it easily rolls over obstacles such as cords, gravel, flat tools, or small items on your shop floor. Its high-strength, waterproof, and puncture resistant materials also ensure that your creeper is your dependable partner for any job for years to come.

Lightweight Convenience at Your Fingertips

Another awesome bonus about Magic Creeper’s creeper pad is that it requires very little storage space. When you’re done working under your vehicle, simply roll it up, reapply its storage straps and stash in a convenient location. It’s an absolute essential for your shop, garage, or shed and a must for on-the-go unexpected repairs. With less than three pounds total weight, there’s no need to lug around a big, bulky creeper with wheels when the Magic Creeper literally goes everywhere.


California Residents
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What kind of maintenance is required?
  • Lacking mechanical parts, the Magic Creeper is maintenance free.
How does it handle water and oil?
  • The Magic Creeper is water and oil resistant.
How do I clean it?
  • The Magic Creeper is machine washable, but with the nature of its job, we recommend just wiping it down with a rag.