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Magic Creeper Low Clearance Creeper MC6028

Magic Creeper Low Clearance Creeper MC6028



Brand: Magic Creeper

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With zero ground clearance, this wheel-less magic creeper takes the stress out of working in tight, low clearance, and hard to reach places. The unique tubular shape acts like a track, moving effortlessly for up to 5-feet, and the best part is your tools move with you. The multi-layer construction boasts a rugged outer layer designed for superior strength as well as water, oil and puncture resistance. The middle layer provides comfort, insulation, and protection from hard work surfaces; while the super-slick base layer acts like millions of tiny ball bearings allowing for effortless movement even on rough and uneven surfaces. Measures 60” x 28” and rolls up to a mere 29” x 5” for easy storage in your trunk or under the car seat.

What kind of maintenance is required?
  • Lacking mechanical parts, the Magic Creeper is maintenance free.
How does it handle water and oil?
  • The Magic Creeper is water and oil resistant.
How do I clean it?
  • The Magic Creeper is machine washable, but with the nature of its job, we recommend just wiping it down with a rag.