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Floor Jack Compact Low Profile Billet Aluminum Jack

Floor Jack Compact Low Profile Billet Aluminum Jack

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Compact Low Profile Billet Aluminum Jack

Minimal clearance is no problem with our Low Profile Billet Aluminum Scissor Jack. Designed to lift most any low street rods or classic cars this jack measures 1.5" high and has been tested up to 2,000lbs. Raises to a height of 6.5" with a standard 7/16" socket (not included). Our low profile billet aluminum jack is compact, convenient, and easily tucks into your vehicle or garage for easy storage while using minimal space.

Jack measures 1.5" high at the saddle and has been tested up to 2,000lbs. Dimensions are 13.5" x 1" tall at the frame x 5" wide when folded and in it's pouch.

Low riders are often considered the peak of auto aesthetics, and it's no wonder why. When you see a car riding close to the ground, it grabs your attention and is undeniably impressive. Classic cars and altered lowriders come with a few functional challenges, though. An auto with low clearance might be difficult to work on and require additional equipment. Luckily, a low profile scissor jack can solve this problem and grant you easy access to the undercarriage of even the lowest cars. Its heavy duty aluminum construction is compact yet durable to ensure it is easy to maneuver and safe to use for professional mechanics and personal auto enthusiasts alike.

Convenient and Functional for Low Rods

Low rods require special tools, and the first one you will need is a specialized billet jack designed for cars with low clearance. This aluminum scissor jack is easily stored due to its compact shape and size. In addition to its convenience, the compact scissor jack boasts superior functionality. Lift up to 2,000 pounds with the 6.5" high body, and rest easy knowing that its safety features prevent over-pumping and overloading. Your classic car or lowrider will be in good hands when you use this jack for all of your mechanical and maintenance needs.

Why Does the Jack Matter? 

Using the wrong jack when you work on your car can damage its undercarriage and put you at risk. If the jack you use is too small or intended for another use, your car can roll or the jack can tip, and the consequences will be serious. The quality of the jack matters, too. One that is made from a heavy duty material such as aluminum is likely to last longer. Invest in the right flat scissor jack for your car and prevent your car from getting damaged, or worse, your body being injured.