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Cartech Auto Books Lost Hot Rods Book CT487

Cartech Auto Books Lost Hot Rods Book CT487



Brand: Cartech Auto Books

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In Lost Hot Rods, they attempt to answer the questions about whatever happened to these great cars. they're not talking about vintage tin sitting in the desert or woods, or old cars parked in farm fields. Nearly all of these vintage rods and customs were found in urban or suburban garages--possibly right in your neighborhood--where they were parked years ago, maybe to save, perhaps torn apart for a rebuild, or in many cases they are projects that were started years ago and just never finished. The condition of such finds ranges from musty piles of parts, to dusty and cobwebbed originals, to pristine, still-show-quality beauties. they also show cars that have been located by others, either as-is or now in beautiful restored condition. Either way, they tell the process of finding such vehicles, giving many tips on how you can find them, too. This isn't a book about seeking these cars for profit. What's more important, and fun, is the search itself. If, when you find such a long-lost rod or custom, it turns out that it is available and you can afford to acquire it and put it back on the road and enjoy it, so much the better. But just finding them; finally answering that "Whatever happened to...?" question is the main goal. In most cases they show vintage photos of the car in its heyday, along with where and how it looks today. But what makes this venture doubly fun, and what separates this book from others, is that they are not just looking for old cars or even collector cars hidden away