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Konsole Armour Custom Console Cover for Fords

Konsole Armour Custom Console Cover for Fords

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Brand: Seat Armour

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Protect your center armrest from wear and tear with the custom fit Konsole Armour. Made from machine washable 100% heavyweight cotton velour/terry, for a cool and comfortable feel. The Konsole Armour console cover is custom designed to fit securely cover the console lid, protecting your upholstery from dirt, dust, stains, and damaging UV rays. The Konsole Armour Cover is the stylish way to protect your center console, embroidered with the Jeep logo and includes a sleeve pocket for handy storage.

100% Cotton terry/velour
100% Machine washable
Protects your console lid from dirt, dust, stains, damaging UV Rays
Custom Fit
Easy Installation
Embroidered licensed logos