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Classic Accessories HydroFlex Water Resistant Car Covers

Classic Accessories HydroFlex Water Resistant Car Covers

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Classic Accessories HydroFlex Water Resistant Car Covers

Push your ride into Over Drive™ with HydroFlex™ Auto Covers, by Classic Accessories. HydroFlex™ covers are designed for true, versatile protection. They have the designer styling and feel you'd expect in a classic car cover or a cover for pet projects, with the thickness and tenacity to stand against the elements for great outdoor protection. Water-resistant, with exterior seams taped to keep rain out, this cover delivers a high-end experience, rain or shine. Whether you're looking to protect or to store your car, the stretch material and simple silhouette will keep your car in top shape. HydroFlex car covers are thoughtfully designed for durable protection for your vehicle while not in use, shielding the vehicle from UV rays and preventing the accumulation of dirt, debris, and natural nuisances, like pollen and leaves.

• VERSATILE PROTECTION: Durable enough to provide protection outdoors with the soft touch expected of an indoor cover, the HydroFlex might be the perfect car cover
• CLASSIC AND SPORTY: This 3-layer material with a 2-way stretch has a minimalist construction, creating a sleek silhouette highlighting the profile of the car underneath without giving too much away
• ALL-WEATHER DESIGN: Naturally water-wicking, the 100% knit polyester cover has external seam taping to keep rain out and the softest materials on the inside
• FITTED STYLE: 3 sizes to choose from
• 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Classic Accessories HydroFlex car covers are backed by a two-year limited warranty.
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