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Hella Lights Rallye 4000 Halogen Series Driving Lights Black

Hella Lights Rallye 4000 Halogen Series Driving Lights Black

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HELLA Lights Rallye 4000 Series Driving Lights 

Light the way through the dark, whether taking the back-roads or pursuing off-road action, with the best off road lights available. The Rallye 4000 series offers powerful halogen lighting ideal for driving in rural or off-road settings, with two beam options to choose from: pencil beams offer focused, long-range visibility that gives you enough time to react to obstacles, while flood beams create a wide cone of light that illuminates your surroundings, perfect for careful navigation on the worksite.

Ideal for:
• Rural, night driving
• Off-road activity

• Tempered glass lens
• Matte black metal housing
• Knurled knobs for fast lamp adjustments
• Designed for the most extreme driving conditions
• Change the look of any Rallye 4000 lamp with our "NEW" Color Shieldz Protective Laminates available in Yellow, Smoke, or Blue shades.

• Voltage: 12V DC
• Beam Pattern: Euro, Cornering, Pencil
• Power Consumption: 100W
• Housing Material: Die-cast Zinc
• Optics: Reflector/Lens
• Lens Material: Glass
• Connection: Male Connector
• Mounting Bracket: Die-cast Zinc
• Approval: ECE (For -031 Versions Only) All other versions N/A

• Halogen
• Free-Form

• Upright

Single Lamp includes:
• (1) Halogen Lamp
• (1) Stone Shield
• (1) Halogen Bulb (plus 1 bulb for the Position Light - Version -031 only)
• (1) Pigtail
• Universal Mounting Hardware
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

Die-cast zinc with a matte black finish makes the housing and mounting bracket for the Rallye 4000 series both stylish and sturdy, and the tempered glass lens and stone shield protect the bulb from kicked up rocks or debris. The knurled knobs also allow quick adjustments of the lamp as needed, letting you adapt to any situation that you come across. HELLA lights for sale come with halogen bulbs and universal mounting hardware for an easy upright mount on any vehicle.

Brighten up a rural highway in the thick of the night or seek off-road adventure after sunset. The free form Rallye 4000 Series features upright mounting of the matte black metal housing, a tempered glass lens, and knurled knobs to make quick lamp adjustments on the fly. Extreme driving conditions welcome! The halogen lamp is protected with a stone shield. Bulb, mounting hardware and step-by-step mounting instructions included. The Rallye 4000 Halogen Fog Lamp is SAE approved. 

Rallye 4000 mounting instructions

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