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Heavy Duty Metal Shop Towel Wringer

Heavy Duty Metal Shop Towel Wringer

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Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Industrial quality heavy duty metal shop towel wringer easily mounts to your work bench or bucket. Shop Towel Wringer adjusts to accommodate wet towels, chamois, clothes etc. Our Shop Towel Ringer is made of steel and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Measures 15"(W) x 12"(H) with a 12" roller


Keeping your garage stocked is a must for any maintenance or cleanup job. Wet towels can be a pain to wring out by hand, so add this car shammy wringer to your arsenal. This towel wringer by Lake City is like the extra pair of hands you didn’t know you needed, made to remove 90% of the moisture in your water-logged towels and shammies with just a few simple cranks of the handle. This towel wringer can cut back on your energy usage and save you those extra trips to the dryer while preserving your favorite towels and chamois for longer than tumble drying. Not only that, it also removes twice as much water as a standard spin dry cycle.

Years of Durable Use

Lake City’s car wash towel wringer is proudly manufactured in the United States, crafted with a rustproof steel frame, a steel tube handle and a zinc plated finish. Its unique construction and adjustable clamps renderit attachable to any upright horizontal surface, making it ideal for installation onto stationary or portable tubs. The 12-inch composite rollers and a tempered steel spring work together, exerting just the right amount of pressure to effortlessly extract water out of thin, medium-sized and larger towels. Even bulky microfiber and plush towels can be easily dried with the wringer, thanks to the rollers’ spin adjustable with the attached hand crank. As a bonus, this car wash wringer is also made with maintenance-free maple bearings that never need to be oiled.

The Perfect Garage Helper

Lake City Industries’ wringer towel tool is a smart additiontoany garage, shed or car wash. Besides offering an easy way to dry chamois, towels and other fabrics without running another appliance, this handy tool also extends the life of these items by squeezing out water without exposing their materials to excess heat.