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Nine Stars Hands-Free Sensor Trash Can & Recycle Bin

Nine Stars Hands-Free Sensor Trash Can & Recycle Bin

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Brand: Nine Stars

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This divided bin makes it so easy to dispose of and keep garbage and recyclable material separate – but it’s also a great way to store clean/dirty towels, separate oily/waxy rags or keep microfibers/towels in their own compartment. The automatic lid opens or closes with the wave of your hand within 10” in front of the infrared motion detector. The hands-free design is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, office or break room, or the shop or garage! The body of the can is made from commercial grade stainless steel and ABS plastics and has an inner ring that holds a trash bag in place, concealed within. Operates with 4-D batteries (not included) and will open and close nearly 10,000 times between battery changes. Measure 21.3” x 13” x 26.2” and holds 18.5 gallons.