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Gust Guard Clamp & Cord Car Cover Tie Down System

Gust Guard Clamp & Cord Car Cover Tie Down System

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Gust Guard Clamp & Cord Car Cover Tie Down System

The Gust Guard Car Cover Clamps were designed to stop billowing car covers in windy conditions from allowing dust and dirt particles to become trapped and scratch precious paint. Handle this situation with the Gust Guard clamp and cord kit, designed to safely cinch automobile covers in place. The Gust Guard Car Cover Clamp Kit includes four adjustable clamps that grip the hem of your existing car cover, a pair of 7' white cords to eliminate slack in the fabric, and two friction locks to secure the system.

  • Simple way to keep your car cover in place when windy
  • Includes 2 cords
  • Cords are each 7 feet long
  • Included 4 clamps to attach to the car cover 
  • Keeps the cover tight to your vehicle and dust out

Why it's Beneficial to Have A Gust Guard Clamp & Cord Car Cover Tie Down System

Prevent your car's paint from being scratched or damaged from dirt and dust flying around in windy conditions. The Gust Guard Clamp and Cord System keeps your car cover tightly secured around your vehicle so particles can't get underneath. A quality cover also protects your car from bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays and moisture.

How a Clamp System Can Help Keep Your Car Cover Sturdy

The clamp system is simple to use. Squeeze a clamp onto the cover in front of your front tires. Thread the cord through each clamp and tighten it until the cover is anchored against your vehicle. Repeat behind the back tires so all four corners of your cover stay in place no matter what the weather conditions are. Sometimes the best solutions are the easy ones because it takes no time at all to preserve your car.

Where to Find the Best Gust Guard Clamp & Cord Car Cover Tie Down System

California Car Cover is passionate about cars and our customers. We only want to equip you with high-quality products to ensure your favorite vehicle stays in pristine condition. When it's time to take the cover off and enjoy a ride, turn heads with your showroom-ready vehicle.