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Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors Tape-On Design

Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors Tape-On Design

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Brand: Goodyear

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Goodyear Shatterproof Side Window Deflectors Tape-On Design

Unlike other vehicle side window deflectors that can crack or break, the Goodyear Side Window Deflectors are made from an innovative material that makes them shatterproof and impervious to road debris. You can literally tie them in a knot and they will not fracture or break! They will even return to their original shape when released! Custom-made for each vehicle application and engineered for a precise fit. Tape-On style side window deflectors adhere securely using highly adhesive 3M VHB tape. Available for most cars, trucks, and SUV's.

Features include:

  • Shatterproof—it flexes but wont break
  • Maximum fresh air enjoyment
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Minimizes interior heat when parked
  • Helps keep side windows dry in the rain
  • Custom-fit for each vehicle
  • Protects the driver from the sun, allowing for a comfortable journey
  • Circulates fresh air even when there is rain
  • Keeps your car well ventilated which reduces the use of air conditioning and is ideal for driving in a humid environment
  • Use of super flexible material for extra-long durability.
  • Hard-wearing so that they can sustain tough weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat, the cold and hail.
  • No tools needed to install.
  • Package includes degrease wipe