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Golden Shine Wash & Wax Car Wash Soap

Golden Shine Wash & Wax Car Wash Soap

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Our Golden Shine Wash & Wax is strong enough to wash away pesky dirt and grime build up, but will not strip wax. Our car wash soap actually has a little bit of automotive wax in it to enhance your vehicle’s shine and protection.

Most car washes simply create a lot of suds, but do not really have the proper ingredients to effectively clean your vehicle’s finish. Our ph neutral Wash & Wax Car Wash is specially formulated to deliver the highest possible shine and minimize water spotting. It also contains a blend of conditioners and gloss enhancers to rejuvenate your vehicle’s luster in between car wax applications. Inferior car soap simply moves dirt around on your vehicle’s paint, Wash & Wax safely breaks up dirt and encapsulates it within lubricants to remove them without scratching.

For best results, use our Golden Shine Wash & Wax Car Soap in conjunction with a boar’s hair wash brush or microfiber wash mitt. Add a few ounces of Wash & Wax to bucket of warm water. Rinse your vehicle with water and clean it with a sudsy wash brush or wash mitt. Apply soap to a section of the vehicle at a time and agitate the dirt and grime with the microfiber mitt or wash brush. Rinse away the suds to prevent any chance of water spotting. To dry, we recommend using one of our California Jelly Blade products and a Microfiber Waffleweave towel to save time.