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Golden Shine Ultimate Towel Kit

Golden Shine Ultimate Towel Kit

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Get the most out of our Golden Shine Car Care Products with this assortment of top of the line cleaning and polishing cloths and applicators. Everything you need is right here for a job done right, and because they're packaged together in a neat bundle, we're able to pass the savings on to you! The kit includes one package of each: All-Purpose, detailing Quick Shine Towels (6 pack), a two-pack of Extra-Thick & Soft Microfiber Cleaning Towels, plush Polishing Microfiber Towels (3 pack) and a ultra-absorbent California Waffle Weave ; a two-pack of lint deterring Glass Cloths; a bundle of soft 100% Cotton Wash Towels; and one package each of Microfiber Wax & Polish and foam Tire & Trim Applicators.

Packaged together your savings are $17.92!