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Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish

Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Designed for use with a random orbital machine polisher, Ultimate Paint Polish will bring out your vehicle’s truest shine. It will gently and safely eliminate light paint imperfections leaving behind a deep, glossy finish. It is safe for use on all finishes and designed for use by both the casual and experienced detailer.

For optimal results, use Ultimate Car Paint Polish in conjunction with one of our green fine grade polishing pads and a random orbital polisher. Slightly dampen the pad with either water or detail spray and apply a few small drops of paint polish to it. Set the polisher on a medium setting and apply polish to a small section of the paint at a time. Allow the polish to haze for a few minutes, then buff to a high shine with a Premium Microfiber Polishing towel.

Ultimate Paint Polish is intended for use after heavy swirling and oxidation has been removed from the paint with a medium cut polish, like our Golden Shine Swirl Remover. It is the second step in the Ultimate Paint Correction process. A coat of our Premium Wax should be applied to seal and protect the paint finish after Ultimate Paint Polish has been applied.