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Golden Shine Ultimate Car Paint Polish For Machine Polishing

Golden Shine Ultimate Car Paint Polish For Machine Polishing

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Golden Shine Ultimate Car Paint Polish For Machine Polishing 16 Ounces or 1 Gallon Sizes

Designed for use with a random orbital machine polisher, Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish will bring out your vehicle’s truest shine. It will gently and safely eliminate light paint imperfections leaving behind a deep, glossy finish. It is safe for use on all finishes and designed for use by both the casual and experienced detailer.

  • Easily removes paint scratches, swirls and oxidation
  • Intended for use with a machine polisher
  • Best car paint correction formula
  • Safe for all paint types
  • Brings out a deep glossy finish while also correcting paint imperfections
  • May be used by hand if desired
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in a 16 ounce bottle or 128 ounce (1 gallon) refill bottle

For optimal results, use Ultimate Car Paint Polish in conjunction with one of our green fine grade polishing pads and a random orbital polisher. Slightly dampen the pad with either water or detail spray and apply a few small drops of paint polish to it. Set the polisher on a medium setting and apply polish to a small section of the paint at a time. Allow the polish to haze for a few minutes, then buff to a high shine with a Premium Microfiber Polishing towel.

Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish is intended for use after heavy swirling and oxidation has been removed from the paint with a medium cut polish, like our Golden Shine Swirl Remover. It is the second step in the Ultimate Paint Correction process. A coat of our Golden Shine Premium Wax should be applied to seal and protect the paint finish after Ultimate Paint Polish has been applied.

Directions For Use:

  1. Dampen your Machine Polisher Pad with water or detail spray wax
  2. Apply the polish to your car paint or to your Machine Polisher Pad
  3. Buff into your paint - we recommend doing different sections of the car at a time
  4. Allow to haze or dry for a few minutes
  5. Remove polish with a soft microfiber towel
  6. Follow-up with a hand wax & sealant such as Golden Shine Premium Wax

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