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Golden Shine Tire & Trim Spray

Golden Shine Tire & Trim Spray

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Golden Shine Tire & Trim Spray features all of the protection and benefits of our best selling tire dressing in an easy to use spray form. The spray will provide your exterior trim and tires with the same semi-gloss shine and protection as our Tire & Trim Dressing. Tire & Trim Spray has the same formula, but has been refined to be used with a spray bottle.

Just like our dressing, Tire & Trim Spray gives tires, exterior trim, rubber and plastics a semi-gloss shine with the equivalent of 40 spf sunscreen. It is free from alcohol and petroleum that can dry or crack exterior trim pieces.

Tire & Trim Spray can be applied directly to the surface or first sprayed onto a microfiber applicator. To treat a large area, such as a vinyl tonneau cover, Tire & Trim Spray can be applied directly to the cover. Use a microfiber towel or applicator to evenly coat the vinyl with Tire & Trim Spray. For instances when more control is needed, like when applying spray to the side moldings, spray Tire & Trim first on a microfiber applicator, then apply to the trim piece.

One coat of Tire & Trim Spray will provide a long lasting semi-gloss shine to tires and exterior trim. For added shine, simply apply another coat of Tire and Trim Spray once the first coat has dried.