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Golden Shine Sparkling Glaze Hand Polish

Golden Shine Sparkling Glaze Hand Polish

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Add depth and clarity to a vehicle's paint with the Golden Shine Sparkling Glaze Car Polish. This mild paint polish can be applied by hand or machine to safely and quickly remove fine scratches and light oxidation. Sparkling Glaze's unique blend of lubricants, oils and mild abrasives safely removes paint blemishes and provides a clearer appearance and shine.

Sparkling Glaze Hand Polish is formulated to be easy to apply and remove. Apply a small amount of it to a microfiber applicator and work the polish into the vehicle's paint a small section at a time. Allow the polish to haze for a few minutes and buff until clear with a Premium Microfiber Polishing towel. Sparkling Glaze is easily removed and will not stain trim. Seal the vehicle's paint with an application of one of our Golden Shine waxes afterwards to preserve the shine.