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Golden Shine Original Formula Cream Wax Car Wax

Golden Shine Original Formula Cream Wax Car Wax

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Golden Shine Cream Wax provides excellent shine and protection in an easy to use formula. It was developed as an easy on, easy off alternative for a quick automotive wax application before a weekend trip or car show. Though easy to apply, Golden Shine Cream Wax does not skimp on quality. It features a blend of 100% pure Brazilian carnauba, resins and polymers that will appease both the casual user or professional detailer.

Cream Wax is easy to use and a perfect “low maintenance” automotive wax. Most car waxes must be applied indoors since they can quickly dry before removal. Cream Wax can be applied in sun or shade. Many car waxes can leave a white residue on plastic or rubber trim. Cream Wax does not stain trim or leave behind any white residue.

Apply Golden Shine Cream Wax with a microfiber applicator. Allow for haze for a few minutes and buff to a high shine with a clean Premium Microfiber towel. Rotate applicators or towels as needed for optimal results and easier application.