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Golden Shine Motorman Kit - Gleam Getter

Golden Shine Motorman Kit - Gleam Getter

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Really bring out the show-stopping shine with this kit. Hit the tough spots with a blast of Quick Shine and then wake up lusterless paint all over with our gentle and effective Wash & Wax. Coax out a brilliant gloss using the Premium Wax and Metal Shine and finalize a stunning package using the Tire & Trim dressing, then hit the road in style. One 16oz bottle each of Quick Shine, Premium Wax, Wash & Wax, Tire & Trim and Metal Shine.

Our pal Leon Kaplan, "The Motorman," is a car lover, mechanic-extraordinaire and renowned talk radio host who dispenses valuable advice each Sunday morning during his call-in program on Talk Radio KABC. As an authority on what works and what doesn't in the world of all things automotive, we are pleased as can be that The Motorman loves our Golden Shine Car Care line just about as much as we do, and we've put together a few kits based on his favorite products just for you.