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Golden Shine Interior Cleaning Kit

Golden Shine Interior Cleaning Kit

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You've treated the exterior to a luminous shine, now it's time to bring the interior up to par. Start with Golden Shine Interior Cleaner, specially formulated to tackle tough stains and lift oil and dirt quickly and effectively without elbow grease. This environmentally kind spray cleaner is free from dyes and color-altering chemicals, so it's safe for everything from your upholstery, carpet and headliner to vinyl and plastic. The non-foaming, water based spray on/wipe off formula lifts grime to the surface and won't leave a stiff or sticky residue. Give the leather extra-special treatment with our Leather Care; it gently lifts dirt and grime with a pH balanced formula to infuse moisture and protect from UV rays. This product is stain-blocking and water resistant, plus it's immediately dry to the touch. Finish with Golden Shine Tire & Trim Dressing, a safe, water based cream formula containing modern polymers that coat and bond to all vinyl and rubber for premium protection and natural beauty. It contains no alcohol or petroleum, so it won't crack or dry your dash or other plastics. Providing the equivalent of 40spf sunscreen, Tire & Trim goes on easy and creates a beautiful, semi-gloss shine that lasts for weeks. The kit includes one 16 oz bottle each of Leather Care, Interior Cleaner and Tire & Trim Dressing, plus the tools you need to get the job done right: a 2-pack of Trim Foam Applicators, 2-pack of Micro Fiber Wax and Polish applicators, and an Interior Scrub Brush. Bundled for a savings of over 15%!