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Golden Shine Exterior Maintenance Kit

Golden Shine Exterior Maintenance Kit

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Maintain the exterior of your pride and joy with this conventient Golden Shine collection. Everything you need is right here for show-stopping shine: you get one 16oz bottle each of gloss-enhancing Quick Shine Instant Detailer for a quick and easy just-waxed look at home or on the go; the cream formula, water-based Tire & Trim Dressing and the gentle yet extremely effective Brilliant Wheel Cleaner to safely and swiftly bring to life dull and dirty tires and highlight the shine of most wheel finishes without harsh chemicals; all purpose Go-To Cleaner and Degreaser for safe and powerful all over grime-busting; Undercarriage Spray to take exterior beauty to a whole new level of wow and rejuvenate faded fender liners, wheel wells, sub-frames, springs and more; and Clean & Clear Glass Cleaner that's gentle, safe and ammonia-free yet formulated to remove dirt and grime and leave streak- and smudge-free windows and mirrors.