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Golden Shine Dual-Bucket Car Wash System GGDWS

Golden Shine Dual-Bucket Car Wash System GGDWS



Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Enjoy the ultimate solution for paint protection with the Golden Shine Dual-Bucket Washing System.  Use the blue bucket for washing and the red bucket to rinse out your dirty towels or wash mitts.  This system allows for crystal clear and perfectly clean water and soap to be applied to your paint on every part of the vehicle and during the entire washing process.  This double-bucket system means double the protection from swirl marks and scratches!  Our bucket system includes two 5 gallon buckets, 2 dollies, 2 Grit Guard inserts, 2 Gamma Seal Lids, 1 dual-bucket aluminum connector plate, and 1 seat cushion.