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Golden Shine Car Undercarriage Spray Cleaner

Golden Shine Car Undercarriage Spray Cleaner


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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Using Undercarriage Spray is that extra 10% to make everyone say “wow” when they see your vehicle. Undercarriage Spray is a convenient product that keeps a vehicle’s undercarriage and fender wells looking clean and new. Faded and dirty fender wells do not look nice next to a clean and shiny tire.

For best results, first clean the undercarriage and fender wells with Golden Shine Go-To Cleaner. This will remove much of the dirt and grime that is dulling the plastic and metal pieces. Vehicle Undercarriage Spray will provide a satin shine to these pieces with just a few sprays. Apply an even coat to the surface needing attention. An All-Purpose Microfiber towel can be used to evenly apply Undercarriage Spray or wipe up excess product. Allow to dry before driving to prevent dripping or splashing. When using Undercarriage Spray, be sure to wear gloves and place cardboard around the tires or area being treated. This will save you from extra clean up afterwards and prevent any staining of the concrete.