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Golden Shine Car Interior Cleaner

Golden Shine Car Interior Cleaner

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Maintain the appearance of your car’s upholstery and carpet with Golden Shine Interior Cleaner. It can tackle the toughest jobs in your interior, without harming interior fabrics. This spray formula safely and effectively cleans just about every surface inside of your vehicle:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Leather
  • Padded Dashboards
  • Interior Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Headliners

Our Interior Cleaner is free from colors or dyes so it is safe to use on just about every interior surface. As with all car interior cleaners, please test a hidden area of the vehicle for color fastness before applying Interior Cleaner to an entire section. The formula is also water based and non-foaming and will not leave a sticky residue.

Golden Shine Interior Cleaner is a simple spray-on/wipe-off formula. To use, just spray some Interior Cleaner on an All-Purpose Microfiber towel or applicator and massage into the soiled area. Flip or rotate the towels and buff to a shine. Heavier soil or staining may require multiple applications or agitation with an interior brush.