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Golden Shine Inside Out Detailing Kit with California Car Duster™ Combo 41984K

Golden Shine Inside Out Detailing Kit with California Car Duster™ Combo 41984K

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Brand: California Car Duster Co.

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The Best In Car Care Since 1989!

Golden Shine Inside Out Detailing Kit with California Car Duster™ Combo Part# 41984K

This car care maintenance kit covers what you need for a quick clean-up on the outside and inside of your vehicle. Includes one Original California Car Duster™, one California Mini Duster™, one 16 ounce bottle of Golden Shine Quick Shine instant detail spray, one 16 ounce bottle of Golden Shine Interior Cleaner, one pack of plush microfiber detailing towels (3-pack) and one pack of ultra-fine microfiber interior detailing towels (3-pack).

Details on Golden Shine Quick Shine Instant Detailer Spray

No garage or car care kit is complete without our Golden Shine Quick Shine Instant Detailer. It is an excellent product to maintain your vehicle in between car washes. We feel that it is the best car detail spray on the market and our customers agree. It is year after year the best selling product in our Golden Shine Car Care line. To use, simply spray it on your vehicle and gently wipe away the product with a Premium Microfiber Towel to add a show-stopping shine to your paint. It removes dust, smudges, fingerprints, bugs and bird droppings with ease and leaves a glossy finish. Flip or rotate towels as needed to ensure that a clean and soft towel is touching your vehicle. This will prevent streaking and give your vehicle the ultimate shine.

  • Quickly & easily add a show stopping shine to your vehicle
  • Perfect product for use between car washes and for quick detail at shows & events
  • Works great on glass, wheels, inside your vehicle, plastic, paint wraps and all painted surfaces
  • Smells great
  • Works well inside your home & garage also
  • Safely removes dust, bird droppings, fingerprints and bugs
  • Easy to use, clean your vehicle in 5 to 10 minutes. Spray on and wipe off
  • Made in the USA
  • #1 selling Golden Shine product

Golden Shine Quick Shine is not intended to replace a traditional car wash, but should be used as a maintenance product in between washes. It is easy to use and a quick clean up of a vehicle only takes 10 minutes or less. It is designed to add shine and clean up fingerprints, bird droppings, splash marks and light dust.

Details on Golden Shine Quick Shine Softest Microfiber Detailing Towels

Our Quick Shine Detailing Towel is the safest and softest way to clean your vehicle between car washes. At 460gsm, the detailing towel is one of the thickest towels on the market and is perfect for use with a detail spray, such as our Golden Shine Quick Shine Instant Detailer. Simply spray some detail spray on the paint and wipe it off with a Detailing Towel to get a brilliant and streak free shine without scratching. The 16"x16" towels are machine washable and will not lint. Come as a pack of 3 towels. 

  • Softest microfiber towel that we have ever seen
  • Large 16" x 16" size
  • Thicker than regular microfiber towels (460 gsm)
  • Excellent for removing car wax, detail spray, window cleaner, drying a car and more
  • So soft that they also work on the most delicate surfaces in your home
  • Machine washable, reusable and do not leave lint
  • Available in a 3-pack

Details on the California Car Duster Combo Pack

We've taken the power of The Original California Car Duster™ which gives your car the look of being just washed, and combined it with The Original California Dash Duster™ that easily removes dust from your car's interior in seconds. The 100% cotton mop heads of these dusters are treated with a special paraffin wax that literally lifts dust from the vehicle's surface. A useful tip is to use our duster products on cool surfaces. Also, the dusters should only be used on dry surfaces. The Auto Detailing Kit is designed to quickly and efficiently remove dust from both the interior and exterior of your car, by moving the dusters lightly over the car's surfaces. Keep in mind that the dusters are not designed to polish a car.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that will move dust around and scratch your paint!  Always look for and purchase the Original California Car Duster brand.

  • The original since 1989 and still the best
  • Removes dust quickly, without scratching your paint
  • Extends time between car washes
  • Saves time, money and water
  • Special wax treated 100% cotton mop lifts dust and does not move it around
  • #1 choice of diehard car detailers, car enthusiasts and casual vehicle owners
  • This model features the original wood handle and plastic handled mini duster
  • Save money with this discounted kit
  • Includes a carrying case/storage bag

Details on Golden Shine Interior Cleaner

Maintain the appearance of your car’s upholstery and carpet with Golden Shine Interior Cleaner. It can tackle the toughest jobs in your interior, without harming interior fabrics. This spray formula safely and effectively cleans just about every surface inside of your vehicle:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Leather
  • Padded Dashboards
  • Interior Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Headliners

Our Golden Shine Interior Cleaner is free from colors or dyes so it is safe to use on just about every interior surface. As with all car interior cleaners, please test a hidden area of the vehicle for color fastness before applying Interior Cleaner to an entire section. The formula is also water based and non-foaming and will not leave a sticky residue.

Golden Shine Car Interior Cleaner is a simple spray-on/wipe-off formula. To use, just spray some Interior Cleaner on a Golden Shine Ultra-Fine Interior Microfiber towel or applicator and massage into the soiled area. Flip or rotate the towels and buff to a shine. Heavier soil or staining may require multiple applications or agitation with an interior brush.

  • Easy to use - just spray on and wipe off
  • Safe on all surfaces, hard or soft
  • Also works perfect for cleaning inside your home, office and garage
  • Gently cleans while also strong enough to remove stains & spots
  • Free from dyes and colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in a 16 ounce spray bottle or 128 ounce (1 gallon) refill bottle

Details on Ultra Fine Microfiber Interior Detailing Towels

These extremely soft microfiber towels are perfect for pampering the interior of your vehicle, and the flat weave microfiber with a microfiber edge won't scratch navigation screens or snag on instrument controls. Use these 16" x 16" towels along with your favorite Golden Shine car care product for removing dirt and grime or to add a protective layer to plastic, leather or vinyl. The flat weave design stretches the life of car care products as it minimizes absorption, or you can use as a duster without any product. 3-pack.

  • Finely woven and silky smooth
  • Feature microfiber edging
  • Measure a generous 16" x 16"
  • Safe for the most delicate surfaces in your car or home
  • Excellent for use with our Golden Shine cleaning products or for light dusting
  • Washer & dryer safe and reusable
  • Pack of 3 towels




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