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Golden Shine Brilliant Car Wheel Cleaner

Golden Shine Brilliant Car Wheel Cleaner

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Golden Shine Brilliant Car Wheel Cleaner Spray

Our Brilliant Wheel Cleaner will quickly and safely clean a vehicle’s wheels without the use of harsh chemicals. It is easy to use and provides amazing results. Spray Brilliant Wheel Cleaner onto wet wheels, lightly agitate with a wheel brush or microfiber towel and rinse away the brake dust and road grime.

Golden Shine Brilliant Wheel Cleaner is safe for use on most wheel finishes. Use it on billet aluminum, chrome, clear coated, painted and anodized wheels to safely and easily remove dirt and brake dust. It contains no butyl or petroleum distillates, which makes it safe for you and the environment.

Use Brilliant Wheel Cleaner in conjunction with our Golden Shine Tire and Trim Dressing to make sure your wheels and tires really grab some attention.

  • Quickly and safely clean wheels without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Safe for almost all wheel finishes - polished aluminum, billet, steel, clear coated, chrome, painted and anodized
  • Easy to use - simply spray on and wipe with a towel and then rinse with water
  • Handily removes brake dust and road grime
  • Made in the USA of the highest quality ingredients
  • Safe for you and the environment
  • Available in a 16 ounce spray bottle and 128 ounce (1 gallon) refill bottle

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