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GoJak Car Dolly System

GoJak Car Dolly System


$19.99 - $474.99

Brand: Unitec GoJak

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The GoJak Car Dolly System makes moving cars around in garages and other tight quarters easy and without being time consuming and frustrating. The GoJak fits underneath the tires, elevates the car in seconds and, with its heavy-duty swivel casters, lets you move in any direction. The improved GoJak 6200 model offers increased capacity and added ground clearance at the same great price. Note:

The prices listed are per pair (2).

10246130 holds tire sizes up to 9" wide / 32"tall

10247130 holds tire sizes up to 13" wide / 36"tall

10244530 holds tire sizes up to 20" wide / 36" tall

GoJak's come with a limited 7 year warranty