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GOBadges® Magnetic License Plate Badge Holder Kit

GOBadges® Magnetic License Plate Badge Holder Kit

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GOBadges® Magnetic License Plate Badge Holder Kit

Upgrading and personalizing your ride is most of the fun of being the owner of any vehicle. While many personalized upgrades can easily cost an arm and a leg (such as body work or a bright new paint job), this magnetic license plate holder lets you customize your ride without breaking the bank. The magnetic license plate frame is designed to fit any standard domestic vehicle, and features two spaces on either side of the plate window where GOBadges® can be displayed. These badges are magnets, approximately 3 inches in diameter, and feature a wide range of images that help you show off your personality to others while you’re behind the wheel. They fit directly onto the magnetic plate itself using strong magnets, so installing and removing them is a breeze and you’ll never need to slow down in order to express yourself on the road ahead. These exterior accessories are built tough for constant use in a wide variety of outdoor conditions, featuring weatherproofing and UV stability to prevent fading, peeling and cracking over years of use. In the event that they do become a bit grimy during your travels, however, the badges can be easily cleaned with either soap and water or polishing pads to restore their previous shine in no time. The license plate kit comes with two decorative badges that you’ll be able to choose, but dozens more are available for those looking to change their plate’s look for the seasons, for special occasions, or who just want to create something that’s really and truly unique.

  • Frame measures 19.5” x 6.75”
  • Badges measure 3” in diameter
  • Kit comes with 2 badges
  • Badges are UV stable and weatherproofed for long-term use
  • Select the badges you want with your kit
  • Badges clean off well with soap and water
  • Product is backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Heavy duty magnets on badges ensure a tight, reliable fit

Design your own customized license frame with the GOBadges® License Plate Badge Holder and show off you lighter side. Easily mounts in just minutes and measures 19.5” x 6.75” which will fit most all domestic vehicles. The 3” diameter badges are made with a heavy-duty magnetic surface for a secure fit to the GOBadges® License Plate Holder and feature brilliant images that are UV stable and weatherproof, for years of use. Included in the kit is the GoBadges® License Plate Holder and your choice of any two magnetic GoBadges®. A variety of additional magnetic badges are available and can be easily interchanged and updated to fit your mood or occasion! The badges are easily cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth. Backed by 1-year warranty for all materials and craftsmanship.