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Genuine Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt

Genuine Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt

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Genuine Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt

Our Sheepskin Car Wash Mitt is made of pure genuine sheepskin for soft supple washing. Gentle on all surfaces while offering exceptional sudsing action. Measures 11” x 8”.

This sheepskin car wash mitt is extremely comfortable and may be worn as a glove or held as a regular wash pad.  The elastic cuff helps hold the mitt on your hand so that it is not dropped on the ground, picking up dust, dirt or even rocks.  Makes washing your vehicle safe, easy and comfortable while easing your mind with the softest touch to your paint.

  • Sheepskin car wash mitt is the softest car wash mitt available
  • Made from thick, genuine sheepskin wool
  • Holds the soapy water & suds well while also rinsing easily after use
  • Does not leave lint
  • Safe for the finest painted surfaces
  • Includes elastic cuff and thumb spot for comfort and ease of keeping the mitt on
  • Light color helps you to spot the dirt particles after washing and remove them from the mitt
  • Simply rinse, hand wash and air dry after use